4K video capture from an eagle's perspective.

TechKinect uses DJI Phantom 4 V2.0 drones to capture high definition photos and video. This equipment is not your average drone with a camera, this is a professional device capable of capturing 4K resolution video and high quality imagery. We can use our drones to meet your aerial needs for real estate, insurance, land surveying and advertising. Our custom packages start at $59 per hour for imaging and editing. Our drone pilots are FAA certified remote pilot operators with the state of Ohio.

Real Estate

It can be hard to showcase your pole barn, pool or beautiful country setting with an ordinary camera. Most real estate companies have someone come out and quickly snap some photos of your property before throwing it on the Multiple Listing System. Aerial photography can showcase your property the way you want to and set you apart in the real estate market. You can also get a 30-second narrated commercial of your property to boost it's appeal.

Land Surveying

Landowners may want to survey their land from a better perspective for plotting or planning. TechKinect can provide these services for you. Contact us to learn more.


TechKinect can provide you with an affordable commercial to use on your website, social media or any other platform. We can sit down and give you an idea of the process and how we can make your goals happen. Commercial advertising can set you apart from your competition and we can do it without breaking the bank.