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We can fix that slow computer or cracked screen.

We can also build you a gaming computer that fits your needs.

TechKinect has a wide range of services related to computer systems repair. We can diagnose your PC and bring it back to the speeds it performed at when you bought it. We can fix your smart phone or tablet cracked screens. We can build a gaming or office computer for you that meets your needs. Contact us and find out how we can help you.

Computer Repair

 Stethoscope lying on laptop. Laptop inf

Computers can start to slow down and not work like they did when we bought them. This can happen for many reasons. TechKinect can diagnose and fix your laptop or PC for an affordable price. 

$69 for Operating System Reinstall

$99 for Cleaning & Virus Removal

$129 for Hard Drive Retrieval

Screen Repair

Smashed iPhones

Cracked screens are no fun. Unfortunately, they have often due to bad luck. Don't worry though, TechKinect is here to help. We can fix your screens so you don't have to buy a new phone.

$99 for Smart Phone | $149 for Tablet

Custom Builds

black computer case with  blue light at

Have you been looking for a new computer system to play Virtual Reality games or the newest FPS? Look no further, TechKinect will configure a budget-friendly computer that will last for years. All custom builds come with a 2 year warranty. 

Cost to build starts at $99 per machine

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