• Jacob Reek

Advantages of Aerial Photography

For anyone marketing a product, especially when that product is real estate, it’s important to find ways to stand out. Pictures and videos allow property owners to showcase the best features of the properties they are marketing, giving potential customers a sense of what a property can be. Now imagine if owners had the ability to give their customers a completely unique view of their offerings, one that truly wowed from first sight. If a picture is worth a thousand words, what would that kind of view be worth?

High definition photography and video have become a standard part of property listings. While these images can communicate large amounts of information and help potential buyers understand the potential of a listing, they no longer set a listing apart from the pack. The next revolution in promotional imaging is to help the customer see properties from angles that they could never see with their own eyes, thanks to aerial camera drones.

Using specialized drones equipped with the best camera technologies, companies like TechKinect can give potential customers a bird’s eye view of the property, create dramatic flyover and fly-around videos, and even create smooth, seamless video walkthrough experiences while showcasing every space from the optimal angle. Without being limited by bulky camera equipment or human operators, property owners can see their own properties in ways they never imagined and share those views with their customers.

Camera drones allow property owners to create virtual tours that highlight a property’s best features. They can take video that moves smoothly from one feature to the next, showing each from its best angle while staying focused on the most visually pleasing means of transition. Imagine moving out the back door of a home, along the walking path, and then skimming the surface of the in-ground pool before rising into the air for an aerial view of the property. As Tom Salomone, president of the National Association of Realtors, stated “drone technology offers a tremendous opportunity for the business of real estate and the broader economy.” Drones give opportunities for awe-inspiring images that until recently were impossible.

Drones can move in ways that a human operator simply cannot. Rather than having to move around furniture, drones can glide above them. Instead of walking up a staircase, a drone can simply rise into the air, giving a smoother image while also providing a view that no person could usually see. With drone imaging, rooms can be viewed from above without having to be static, and videos can transition from room to room without requiring maneuvering of equipment. Videos can be made that move fluidly through the entire space, including every room, without the need for cuts or editing.

As valuable as drones are in residential real estate, they can be even more vital in marketing commercial properties. From high rises to industrial locations, drones allow views that human operators can never match. Whether dramatically rising hundreds of feet to the top of an office building or weaving through equipment to showcase a manufacturing floor, drones allow commercial property owners to present their properties in a way that no other photography can match. Drones can even be used with 3D imaging software and CAD modeling to showcase future developments.

Drone photography can also be used to market recreational spaces to potential users. Whether creating virtual tours of hotel suites or soaring videos of resort amenities, drone images can give potential customers a unique way to think about where to spend their leisure time and money. Golf courses can feature panoramic views of their courses and track a ball’s flight path from tee to flag; marinas can show videos skimming along the waterfront or follow a boat’s path through the harbor before dramatically rising into the sky.

In any area where a potential customer’s view of a property matters, aerial drone photography can give your business the advantage that it needs to stand out from the crowd. Call TechKinect today to give your property the chance to show its dramatic side.

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