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Learn More About TechKinect

About The Company

TechKinect is a technology company that serves Cincinnati, Dayton and surrounding areas in southwestern Ohio. TechKinect provides many different services to residential and commercial customers including:

 Business & Technology Consulting

Security Systems

Networking & IT Functions

Video Production

Home Theater & Audio

Home Automation

Custom Engineered Solutions

Computer Systems Building & Repair

TechKinect is committed to provide quality work, effective customer service, and to educate its customers about their products. TechKinect's goal is to become the leader in the Tri-State for technology services. 

If you see your location on the map below, this means you are most likely within the area that we provide our services. 

Note From Our Owner

We live in a digital world where almost everything we touch uses electricity. With that power comes great responsibility. I see many companies out there that simply provide the bare minimum and they don't go the extra mile to educate their customers. Education and teaching are passions of mine - I love teaching others about electricity and electronics. I have worked in dangerous, high-stress environments which have allowed me to truly appreciate the simplicity of life. I founded TechKinect with one simple goal - to be able to teach others and create a platform to spread knowledge about the devices we use everyday and their interaction with the world. 

I can promise you one thing when you choose to do business with TechKinect - you will learn everything you want to know about any and all products and services you purchase. I will make sure you are satisfied with our services. It is important for all customers, whether residential or commercial to be informed about what they need.

Jacob Reek

Owner & Director of Business Operations

Meet The Owner


Jacob is a Marine Corps veteran and technology enthusiast. He spent 6 years working on Aviation Electronic Systems in F/A-18 fighter jets, both in the military and as a contractor. He has worked as an engineer for 3 years and also as an industrial electrician. He holds an MBA, BS in Computer Science and AA in Mathematics. He has experience working with many different types of technology in multiple industries. He has a background in hardware, software and systems engineering. Jacob loves sports including baseball, football and golf. He enjoys playing with electricity and being social. 

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