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Contains some of our recent projects.

Check out our recent projects.

Multiple Conference Room AV Integrations, including 2-way divisble Room with a fully customized control panel and modular table USB-C and HDMI inputs. Included HD PTZ cameras and microphones for video conferencing. Included recessed motorized projector screens and conference projectors.

PTZ Camera, Video Conferencing, Customized UI, HDMI Input, USB-C Input, Rack Install, Projector, Recessed Motorized Screen, AV Switching, AV over IP, Conference Room, Divisible Room, Microphone

We installed Fully Customized AV over IP system for a 3-way divisible training room that includes sound reinforcement, video conferencing, video tracking, speakers, and wireless input. The UI is customized and built for use in the training room.

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We transformed a conference room for the City of Monroe, into a cutting-edge hub for collaboration and innovation. This conference room setup features an 85" Commercial TV along with a comprehensive rack setup. It includes a BMA 360 Microphone, a Digital Signal Processor, an AV switcher, and a wall plate for seamless connectivity. Wireless connectivity equipment enables flexibility in device integration. A 4K conferencing camera enhances video quality, while a 10" touch screen facilitates easy control and management for meetings, live streaming, and video conferencing sessions.

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Required 80 Lines for VoIP phones and Office network connections for printers and computers. We Installed 10 cameras and 8 Wireless Access Points. We also provided a full IT rack with labeled patch panels and network equipment for the entire building.

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We partnered with AC Marriott Hotel at Liberty Center to revolutionize your hotel experience by installing a cutting-edge video wall.

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Ran 25 Network lines for Wireless Access Points, cameras and wall jacks for computer connections. Installed a Rack and network equipment. Configured network for business operations.

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50 Network lines ran throughout warehouse for network connectivity, Wireless Access Points, Cameras and Machine Connectivity. Required full network equipment installation and configuration.

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