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Multiple Conference Room AV Integrations, including 2-way divisble Room with a fully customized control panel and modular table USB-C and HDMI inputs. Included HD PTZ cameras and microphones for video conferencing. Included recessed motorized projector screens and conference projectors.

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Customer needed modular tables with HDMI / USB-C Inputs built into the table with the ability to control room via customized UI through touchscreen that would allow AV switching to 2 divisible rooms. Customer needed a way to wirelessly cast to the displays. They needed the ability to have full AV control for 6 inputs and 2 displays, resulting in any combination based on which way the room is configured and which input they chose to use. They needed video conferencing capabilities via PTZ camera and microphone and the ability to take control of the room's USB devices from any tabletop Input. They needed motorized projector screens that hid in the ceiling when not in use.

The rooms have mirrored equipment including:

  • 1 HDMI Input on a modular table

  • 1 USB-C Input on a modular table

  • Ceiling Microphone

  • HD PTZ Camera

  • Full USB control of Camera and Microphone

  • Wireless Casting ability via laptop or mobile device

  • Touchscreen Control via 10" wall-mounted touchscreen with custom User Interface

  • 5000 Lumen Conference Room Projector

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